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Evgenía Fakínou: The Unknown Archmage of Magic Realism

A year ago, I wrote an essay [1] about the fact that writers feel free to use Hellenic contexts (myths, history, location), blithely assuming they know my culture well enough to do so convincingly. I mentioned that contemporary Hellenic literature … Continue reading

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Lawful Little Country: The Bulgarian Laws of Robotics

The Fifth Law of Robotics” () Nikola Kesarovski () in the story collection The Fifth Law, Sofia, Otechestvo Publishing House, 1983 (1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to … Continue reading

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The Magical Roots of Malaysian Horror Fiction In English

The diverse history of Malaysia has given rise to a unique folklore that stems from multiple sources such as animism, tribal beliefs, shamanism and various religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Serious studies of the occult exist,  if heavily biased … Continue reading

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A Whiff of Cold Air: The Longing for the Lost Dream of Space in Soviet and American Science Fiction.

(The Moon Dream), by Alexandr Lazarevich, 1989 Requiem, by Robert A. Heinlein, in Adventures in Time and Space, eds. Raymond J. Healy and J. Francis McComas, Random House, 1946 The Moon Dream and Requiem are two stories written by a … Continue reading

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A brief history of Hungarian fantasy

Hungarian fantasy is based on the  pre-existing anglophone literary traditions and did not develop independently. Hungarian fantastic literature is varied but authors did not form a movement based on the common usage of the surreal and the fantastic, and did not … Continue reading

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Current Danish Science Fiction

Every year the Danish fanzine SCIENCE FICTION (www.sciencefiction.webbyen.dk) hosts a themed short story competition. Reviewer Andreas J. Søe recently wrote down his impressions of 4 issues, for the Danish clubzine HIMMELSKIBET. We reprint this article here, as it gives plotexamples of current Danish fiction writing among fans.
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Quechuan Proto-Science Fiction

We know that modern science fiction is considered to have begun with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, yet despite this there are a lot of older stories that might be considered science fiction too. Those books are halfway between fantasy and explorations … Continue reading

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What has Science Fiction meant to the UAE over the last few decades?

It’s difficult to put a finger on what constitutes science fiction in the United Arab Emirates. Difficult because the UAE has always been such an eclectic mix of nationalities that the culture has always consisted of a mix of Arab, … Continue reading

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A Brief Introduction to Short-Form Interactive Fiction

Although part of computer culture since the mid-seventies, the genre of Interactive Fiction, commonly abbreviated IF, is often relatively new for avid readers of fiction. This may be because IF originated from a computer game and, quite frankly, many would … Continue reading

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The Rough Guide to Modern Malaysian Science Fiction and Fantasy

The question of what exactly constitutes modern Malaysian science fiction and fantasy cannot be answered without first addressing the integral question; “Does science fiction and fantasy writing exist in Malaysia?” This post is not aimed at being a definitive guide to … Continue reading

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Brazil and its Literary Tradition (science fiction notwithstanding)

The problem, I think, is the niche.

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Short genre fiction in Swedish—an overview of the ’00s

The Swedish-language market for short SF and fantasy fiction is by no means nonexistent. It is just very small, often without an opportunity to pay authors, and dependent on magazines that would have either folded long ago or never been … Continue reading

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A brief introduction to Hungarian science fiction and fantasy

Hungary is a small country in the middle of Europe, with a population of ten million and a language that has its closest relatives in the Ural Mountains. Consequently the number of science fiction and fantasy fans is small, and the number of writers even smaller, basically everyone knows everyone else. I’ll try to give a brief overview of the Hungarian sci-fi and fantasy scene. Continue reading

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Extraterrestrial Stories

No doubt UFOs seem to prefer the airspace above The United States, mainly regions far from urban centres where you can find only drunk and insomniac travellers. But even if it is assumed all alien ships have arrived there, we … Continue reading

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Bolivia: A sci-fi country

Bolivia is not a country of science. Obviously there are universities and patents, research and technological advances, but this happens largely through foreign aid, or in minimum percentages compared with other countries. The reason for that is due to lack … Continue reading

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France – a land of literature, and imaginary fiction?

If someone had to describe France, what features would they first choose ? The French « gastronomie » is quite famous – our cheese and wine are considered leaders of the field by many. Then the monuments, of course – our Eiffel … Continue reading

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Some sort of introduction to Danish science fiction

With only 5,5 million inhabitants, speaking their own language, and with a long history of maintaining a mono-ethnic culture, Danish science fiction literature is in every way a small subject for study. Some attempts have been made to publish a science … Continue reading

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