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Asimov’s, September 2011

This issue of Asimov’s features a wide range of stories, from post-apocalyptic settings, to deep space, to plague-ridden colony worlds. Several of the stories cover grim material and feature disturbing characters.

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Asimov’s Science Fiction, Vol. 35, #3, March 2011

In “Clean” by John Kessel, Elizabeth and Daniel decide, against their daughter Jinny’s insistence, that Daniel should experience mechanical memory erasure in one fell swoop to stave off the degeneration of Alzheimer’s. The process strips away Daniel’s affective memories of … Continue reading

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Asimov’s Science Fiction February 2011

Sci-fi shorts, I admit, are not my best subject, but I took the reviewer position to familiarize myself more with today’s up and coming science fiction authors. Asimov’s Science Fiction is one of the leading science fiction magazines in the … Continue reading

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