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We cannot review all magazines and collections being released at this time, but are willing to consider anything that falls within our purview. We keep a constantly evolving list of present and future review priorities and will continue expanding our coverage as we gain additional staff.


1. We do not review novels, nonfiction, or non-genre work.

2. The editors strongly prefer electronic review materials, as this simplifies the delegation process, makes life easier for small publishers operating on a limited budget, and also allays ethical concerns about sale of free review copies. All staff will refrain from sharing electronic review materials (e.g. ARCs) with people who are not reviewing them without permission of authors, publishers, or publications who provide said material. If gratis hardcopy review materials are received, reviewers, coordinators, or bureau heads, or delegates who review said materials can keep or discard those materials as they see fit after they have written their reviews.

3. If you must send hardcopy review materials, please specifically request an address in your email. If materials are being mailed from outside the United States, we will need to contact a bureau head in an appropriate region directly to receive your materials and there may be some delay in our reply.

Please send all requests, review materials, and questions to thesffportal at gmail dot com, or comment on this entry.

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