The mission of The Portal is to benefit authors, editors, bureau heads, coordinators, reviewers, and fans around the world.

  • Authors will gain public feedback on their work, increased exposure, and usable pull-quotes.
  • Editors will get a quick way to survey their field and experience work in other languages.
  • Bureau heads, coordinators, and reviewers will have a venue in which to share insights, build their portfolios, explore new work, and keep their critical skills sharp.
  • Fans will have a place to read about work released in languages they may not know.

This magazine wasn’t founded with an international emphasis to bring knowledge of non-Anglophone sf, fantasy, and horror to Anglophones, although that’s a nice fringe benefit. Val founded this magazine because she has a vision of using English, as a shared language, to make it more likely that in the future, Brazilian sf, fantasy, or horror could be translated and published in Russia, Finnish in Poland, South Korean in Denmark, Nigerian in Hungary, Chinese in Israel (to give a few far-fetched examples). There’s a lot of reasons why this outcome is unlikely. But there are also a lot of reasons why it would be fabulous, and why it is a dream worth working toward.

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