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I. Overview

The Portal has three kinds of staff members (besides the editors): reviewers, coordinators, and bureau heads.

  • Reviewers write about genre fiction as assigned by the editors, coordinators, and bureau heads.
  • Coordinators and bureau heads are points of contact with the editors for specific language communities and regions.
  • Editors will also assign themselves to review magazines and collections just as the reviewers do.

II. Operations

For writing guidelines, please visit our Guidelines page.

Reviewers will be notified of deadlines and given access to materials at least two weeks before deadline.

When anthologies come in, we will put a call to the reviewers on a book by book basis to see who has time to review them. Deadlines will allow time for one round of editorial feedback and changes (where necessary). If reviewers are interested in writing about publications within our purview which we do not currently cover they should bring this up with the Editor-In-Chief.

Bureau heads should provide at least one article or review a month. Coordinators should provide at least one article or review a year (preferably two) which either they or a delegate have written.

Editors, bureau heads, and coordinators will serve as the magazine’s point of contact with publications and publishers, and provide reviewers with access to electronic copies (whether ARCs or links to a publication’s website, if that publication does not send out prepress materials) of magazines or collections which they will be covering.

We encourage coordinators and bureau heads to gain gratis access to review material (preferably in electronic form, should they need to delegate their duties), as we do not yet have the funds to reimburse them. If they wish to review materials that they purchase with their own funds, that is their prerogative.

The editors strongly prefer electronic review materials, as this simplifies the delegation process and also allays ethical concerns about sale of free review copies. All staff should refrain from sharing electronic review materials (e.g. ARCs) with people who are not reviewing them without permission of authors, publishers, or publications who provide said material. If gratis hardcopy review materials are received, reviewers, coordinators, or bureau heads, or delegates who review said materials can keep or discard those materials as they see fit after they have written their reviews.

Any money the editors collect at any time in connection with this project in the form of advertising revenues or other fundraising efforts will go to cover the costs of site hosting or publicity in the form of advertisements, posters, or business cards. This policy will not be changed without public notice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the editors.

If you are interested in working with us, please send an inquiry letter and writing sample to thesffportal at gmail dot com.

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