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An interview with Jean-Claude Dunyach from Utopiales 2010

1) What big-picture themes are you most interested in right now? History, climate change, borders—this last one being the theme of the Utopiales this year? No, not the one of the Utopiales, sorry!  Two themes do interest me these days, … Continue reading

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The Magical Roots of Malaysian Horror Fiction In English

The diverse history of Malaysia has given rise to a unique folklore that stems from multiple sources such as animism, tribal beliefs, shamanism and various religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Serious studies of the occult exist,  if heavily biased … Continue reading

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Shimmer, Issue 13

The stories in this season’s issue are extremely well-written and an absolute pleasure to read. The stories themselves, for the most part serious or even melancholy, are built on fresh ideas or at least interesting twists on established ones. Their … Continue reading

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Editors’ Note, May and June 2011

Welcome, readers. We’ve got more articles coming down the pipeline, including an interview with Jean-Claude Dunyach, an overview of Malaysian horror, coverage of Congrès Boréal 2011, and a review of Swedish magazine Eskapix. Want to join us? See this page … Continue reading

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Analog, May 2011

All of the six stories are reasonably well written, but overall the May issue failed to invoke much of a sense of wonder for me.  Some of the stories feel dated in style and content compared to fiction being published … Continue reading

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Apex Magazine Issues #21 and #22, February and March 2011

This review is an overview of the February and March issues, picking out my favourite stories from the two. In the pieces on which I’ll be focusing here, Cat Rambo tells of siblings with an uneasy relationship, which might or … Continue reading

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