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Sarah Goslee is a scientist, fiber artist, and all-around research nut. She has dreams of becoming a mad scientist, but spends too much time writing to actually get the death ray built. She contributes regularly to Science in My Fiction. Her nonfiction has appeared in Clarkesworld and various other places, and her fiction in Crossed Genres and the Rigor Amortis anthology.

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Issue 27 (August 2011)

From welcoming gardens, to famous musicians, to wolf men and crow men and exotic maids, the nine stories in this issue of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet are tied together by unreliable narrators and things that are not as they seem.

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Expanded Horizons #28

The story “God in the Sky”, by An Owomoyela, is especially interesting coming as it does on the heels of the Rapture hype in the news in May. In this story, a light appears in the sky. Scientists study it, … Continue reading

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Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, May/June 2011

The thirteen stories collected here visit the past and both near and far futures, encompassing science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Climate change, music, New Orleans, and genetics all figure prominently.

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Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, March/April 2011

All of the stories in this issue are solidly written and thought-provoking. There was only one small disappointment among an array of excellent stories covering the themes of death and immortality, change and new beginnings.

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Tenth Orbit

Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places is a single-author collection by Argentine writer Gustavo Bondoni, put out by the small press Altered Dimensions and available in paperback and ebook editions. The twenty-two stories comprising this volume are primarily idea-driven science … Continue reading

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Apex Magazine #18, November 2010

When presented with explosive controversy, you can dive right in or look for ways to turn the publicity to more constructive ends. After a recent controversy within the SFF community over anti-Islamic statements, Apex Magazine’s fiction editor Catherynne M. Valente … Continue reading

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