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Nicole M. McClain started getting immersed in the creative arts at an early age. After various stints with painting drawing, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument and acting, it was only a matter of time before she attempted the written word. So far, this art form seems to be sticking. Nicole currently lives in Northern California, but has also called Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio home. She loves cooking, reading, attending arts events, enjoying nature and writing. Grants, appeal letters and donor calls fill her days, but books and short fiction (and by extension short fiction reviews) take up the evenings and weekends. Before joining The Portal, Nicole was a reviewer for The Fix and Tangent Online.

Ideomancer, Vol. 10 Issue 1

According to the editor’s note, The March issue of ideomancer is comprised of three stories full of “slanted spring sunlight; stories light enough to float; stories about beginnings”. On the surface, I would agree, but what I really think the … Continue reading

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Best Erotic Fantasy & Science Fiction, Edited by Cecilia Tan and Bethany Zaiatz

The Best Erotic Fantasy & Science Fiction edited by Cecilia Tan and Bethany Zaiatz is a cohesive, balanced collection of stories that definitely live up to Circlet Press’ goal to find new ways to break open the strictures and formulas … Continue reading

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Fantasy Magazine, November 2010

The November issue of Fantasy is moody, melancholy and perfectly suited for a crisp fall afternoon. The stories touch on life and death and what comes after, focusing on what haunts the living left behind when the dead can’t quite … Continue reading

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