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Marlin May was born a poor black child. Ok, not exactly poor, more middle class. The child part is true; it was far easier on his mom that way. He’s far closer to a luscious chocolate brown than ebony. He’s been reading / watching genre fiction a long, long time. His first convention was in Feb. 1979, a tiny gathering in Southern California called “Science Fiction Weekend.” Since then he’s attended many a Westercon, Worldcon, NASFiC, Galacticon, Gaylacticon, Balticon, Equicon, Filmcon, Albacon, Fantasmacon, Boskone and Arisia. Never made it back to Science Fiction Weekend, though.

Shimmer, Issue 12

What kind of magazine is Shimmer? What kind of stories do Beth Wodzinski and her staff choose for inclusion, do they hold true to their criteria, and in the end do all of the components mix and match and meld … Continue reading

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