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Harry Markov has problems writing short biographies, but what he does not have problems with is lounging around with a book or sitting down to write books. A devoted connoisseur of the weird and the surreal, Harry Markov won’t judge a book just case it has a muddled genre genealogy. Harry Markov tries to fix his status from unpublished to a published, while at the same time not shutting up about the books that he reads. He’s a reviewer with his own blog, Temple Library Reviews and he rambles about writing and the journey of a procrastinating writer at Through a Forest of Ideas. He’s always available for a chat on Twitter @harrymarkov.

Lightspeed #7, December 2010

I enjoyed reading Lightspeed #6 enough to agree to read and review its next issue #7. I was pretty enthusiastic, because issue #7 featured reprints from Ursula LeGuin and Kristine Kathryn Rusch and, to an extent, the selected stories satisfied … Continue reading

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Lightspeed #6, November 2010

Lightspeed is a rather new publication with a run of six issues, but, if I am to trust my first impressions, then it will grow a sizable following. It is marketed as an online magazine. The reader has the option … Continue reading

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