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Lee Ee Leen was born in London, UK. She has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of York, UK, and an M.A. in Postmodern Literature and Culture from Royal Holloway College, University of London. Her short fiction is published by Monsoon Books, Singapore, and MPH Publishing, Malaysia. In 2009 she was shortlisted for MPH Alliance Bank National Short Story Award and her reviews are included in The Directory of World Cinema: American Independent (2010, Intellect Books) and The Directory of World Cinema: Great Britain (2011, Intellect Books). Visit her blog at

The Magical Roots of Malaysian Horror Fiction In English

The diverse history of Malaysia has given rise to a unique folklore that stems from multiple sources such as animism, tribal beliefs, shamanism and various religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Serious studies of the occult exist,  if heavily biased … Continue reading

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The Door to Lost Pages

Troubled young runaway Aydee escapes her abusive home and stumbles across a bookstore called Lost Pages. After a series of bizarre encounters with a variety of creatures and divine beings, Aydee is befriended by Lost Pages’ shopkeeper Lucas and his … Continue reading

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The Rough Guide to Modern Malaysian Science Fiction and Fantasy

The question of what exactly constitutes modern Malaysian science fiction and fantasy cannot be answered without first addressing the integral question; “Does science fiction and fantasy writing exist in Malaysia?” This post is not aimed at being a definitive guide to … Continue reading

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