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Dylan Fox is a spec-fic fan who likes his day job to finish when he leaves the office. Brought up on a steady diet of Douglas Adams, Roald Dahl and Terry Pratchett, he never really had a chance. He's had short fiction appear on the Science in My Fiction blog and a few other places online, as well as upcoming in the Clockwork Chaos Steampunk Anthology. He is also a contributing editor to SteamPunk Magazine ( Writing, he tells people, is the only profession where you can combine nineteenth century psychology, neuroscience, alchemy, religion, astrophysics and sociology, becoming an expert in all of them just long enough to make the story work. And then grab another half-dozen seemingly random professions for the next story. What better way to explore the world? He has a blog at

Fantasy Magazine, January 2011

Fantasy Magazine tells you what it’s about right there in the masthead: “From modern mythcraft to magic surrealism.” No ambiguous names, no hunting around to get a feel for the sort of stories they publish. They feature a new piece … Continue reading

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