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Carole Ann Moleti lives and works as a nurse-midwife in New York City, thus explaining her love of science fiction, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. She writes both fiction and nonfiction that focuses on women’s and political issues. Carole’s reviews, criticism, and commentaries have also appeared in Tangent Online, The Fix, The Internet Review of Science Fiction and Noneuclidean Cafe. Visit her blog at

After the Apocalypse by Maureen F. McHugh

This collection by Maureen F. McHugh tours the world, with stops in a variety of settings that have been subjected to or are in the middle of some of cataclysmic event of a supernatural, natural, or manmade kind. Six of … Continue reading

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Strange Horizons, April 4-May 30, 2011

In “Pataki,” by Nisi Shawl, published in two parts on 4 and 11 April 2011, Rianne is starting over in a new place, but still hasn’t recovered from the disproved allegations that caused her to flee Ann Arbor, Michigan for Oakland, … Continue reading

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Strange Horizons, February 7-March 21, 2011

“Widows in the World” by Gavin J. Grant embodies the word strange in the ezine’s title. Told in two parts, published 7 February and 14 February 2011, this surreal rambling, which invokes Roald Dahl,  is unintelligible.

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Strange Horizons, January 3-31 2011

The new year and a new format for this publication converged. I was unable to find a  unifying thread binding together three pieces of new fiction and a reprint of a story from 1955, along with an introduction by fiction editor Jeff … Continue reading

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Strange Horizons, November 15-December 20, 2010

The new editor in chief of Strange Horizons,  Niall Harrison, has announced that some changes since Susan Marie Groppi departed and he took over will manifest themselves in the new year.

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Strange Horizons, October 25-November 8, 2010

This review covers three stories whose authors utilize less traditional styles. The issue published on November 15 contains part one of two, so I elected to review the entire piece next month. 

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Strange Horizons, September 20-October 18, 2010

This review of Strange Horizons is my first gig for The Portal, and here’s hoping for a long run. As you all likely know, Strange Horizons is a weekly pro e-zine featuring fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and reviews.  Though I’m just … Continue reading

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