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An interview with Jean-Claude Dunyach from Utopiales 2010

1) What big-picture themes are you most interested in right now? History, climate change, borders—this last one being the theme of the Utopiales this year? No, not the one of the Utopiales, sorry!  Two themes do interest me these days, … Continue reading

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The Utopiales convention: an interview of Lionel Davoust

photo credit: Mott Just like Sylvie Lainé, Lionel Davoust answered a few questions for the Portal during the convention Utopiales in Nantes. Lionel Davoust is well-known in the French milieu for the quality of his translations, but also for his … Continue reading

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The Utopiales convention: an interview of Sylvie Lainé

photo credit: Pierre Le Gallo During the Utopiales, Sylvie Lainé nicely agreed to answer our questions for the Portal. Science fiction author, she writes short stories and received several prestigious awards for her work : she got the Prix Rosny … Continue reading

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The Utopiales convention, November 10th to 14th, 2010 – science fiction in Nantes

In our last article about imaginary literature in France, we mentioned the Utopiales convention which takes place every year in November, in the town of Nantes. The city itself is particularly rich as far as the genre is concerned: birthplace … Continue reading

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France – a land of literature, and imaginary fiction?

If someone had to describe France, what features would they first choose ? The French « gastronomie » is quite famous – our cheese and wine are considered leaders of the field by many. Then the monuments, of course – our Eiffel … Continue reading

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