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Aidan Doyle is an Australian writer and computer programmer. He loves traveling and has visited more than 70 countries. His stories and articles have been published in places such as Strange Horizons, Fantasy Magazine, Weird Tales, The Internet Review of Science Fiction and

Asimov’s, September 2011

This issue of Asimov’s features a wide range of stories, from post-apocalyptic settings, to deep space, to plague-ridden colony worlds. Several of the stories cover grim material and feature disturbing characters.

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Analog, July/August 2011

This double issue contains a mix of stories ranging in quality from Kristine Kathryn Rusch‘s excellent novella to a one-joke piece of flash fiction.  As usual for Analog, many of the stories feature space explorers, scientists and engineers.

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Analog, June 2011

The stories in Analog’s June issue seem squarely aimed at readers who enjoy tales of clever engineers and scientists bravely solving engineering problems while complaining about the difficulty of doing things for public relations purposes.

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Analog, May 2011

All of the six stories are reasonably well written, but overall the May issue failed to invoke much of a sense of wonder for me.  Some of the stories feel dated in style and content compared to fiction being published … Continue reading

Posted in May 2011 | Tagged , , | Leave a comment, January 2011 published two original pieces of short fiction in January, covering two areas close to my heart: Japan and monkeys.

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Apexology: Horror

Apexology: Horror is a digital only anthology of dark fiction from Apex Books.  The anthology’s editor, Jason Sizemore, states in the introduction that the anthology’s goal is to “promote the authors on the Apex roster in a cost efficient manner.” … Continue reading

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