First published in Russkaya Fantastika, 18.01.2009.
Translation by René Walling, editing by Val Grimm.

Esli Magazine (, “If”) is probably the oldest Russian sf magazine. Founded in 1991, but really distributed since 1993, it has a print run of 14,000 pocket sized issues a year. If you had to compare it to French magazines, Esli is clearly the equivalent of Bifrost or Galaxies, publishing works by both Russian and foreign?mostly English?authors. A new writer has little chance of being found in its pages. That said, the quality of the stories is undeniable making this magazine a must-read for Russian SF fans. We note in passing that in 2006, a good part of several issues were dedicated to French authors. Jean-Claude Dunyach, Roland C. Wagner, Serge Brussolo, and Serge Lehman among them, showing that anything is possible . . . It is also worth mentioning that while Russian publications generally have a relatively poor appearance, the covers of Esli are often quite good. It is possible to subscribe to it in France, but you have to do so through the Finnish site Ruslania.

About Val Grimm

Val Grimm is a critic, copyeditor, demoscener, smof, sf fan, étudiante de français, inveterate volunteer, and hobbyist photographer who is also beginning to become an avid cyclist. Current projects include Nanopress (a small Canadian science fiction publisher), @party (a small computer arts festival), and this magazine, of course.
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