A Ukranian magazine: UFO

First published in Russkaya Fantastika, 31.10.2009. Translation by René Walling, editing by Val Grimm.

Recently we told you about the appearance of an Ukrainian science fiction that tended to have its own characteristics and was beginning to aquire its own identity in relationship to its Russian sister, a difficult thing when a lot of Ukrainian authors write and are published in Russian.

Some interesting strucures are appearing favouring this new phenomena, most notably a magazine that’s been around for a number of years, UFO – Ukrainian commentator of the Fantastic ().

Several well known names, like Henry Lion Oldie, are to be found in the table of contents, in addition to interviews, reviews, and most importantly, short stories by new and little-known authors. The magazine, which publishes four issues a year, is of course in Ukrainian. Our knowledge of that language not being adequate explains why we haven’t yet subscribed to it. This said, it says a lot that this magazine keeps going when facing its heavyweight Russian counterparts (Esli, Polden XXI vek, etc.), expecially given the fact that most Ukrainians speak and read Russian fluently.

Let us finish with a slight disapointment: the UFO Website, which has been under construction for too long!

About Val Grimm

Val Grimm is a critic, copyeditor, demoscener, smof, sf fan, étudiante de français, inveterate volunteer, and hobbyist photographer who is also beginning to become an avid cyclist. Current projects include Nanopress (a small Canadian science fiction publisher), @party (a small computer arts festival), and this magazine, of course.
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  1. Alien Dan says:

    Great post – you know what they say: “The Truth Is Out There!”

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