Editors’ Note, November/December 2010

Welcome, readers.

We’ll be adding a few articles each week as we move through our second full month of existence. We’re thankful to everyone who announced our launch, tweeted, facebooked, or blogged about us.

We’ve added a lot of new contributors since we wrote here last, including bureau heads from a variety of different countries and regions, including Romania, the UAE, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Portugal, Hungary, and Italy.

Just after the closing of this year’s Interactive Fiction Competition, we decided to add short-form IF to our purview, and recruited a bureau head from the Boston IF community, blogger Michael Hilborn.

In the second-to last week of November, we inaugurated a weekly aggregator of writing about genre from around the web, The Key.

We will continue to grow and change, and we welcome your input. Ambitious though we may be, we can’t cover the entire world on our own!

Want to join us? See this page with info for potential coordinators, bureau heads, and reviewers.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Val Grimm, Editor-in-Chief
Elizabeth A. Allen, Editor

About Val Grimm

Val Grimm is a critic, copyeditor, demoscener, smof, sf fan, étudiante de français, inveterate volunteer, and hobbyist photographer who is also beginning to become an avid cyclist. Current projects include Nanopress (a small Canadian science fiction publisher), @party (a small computer arts festival), and this magazine, of course.
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